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Blog Post! Get fit or donate tryin’

March 3, 2014

I’ve come up with a challenge for Lent and I am looking for people to join me.  All you need to take part is a sweet tooth, a charity you would like to donate to and a desire to be fitter.


Pink spandex is optional.

Starting on Wednesday March 5th (post Pancake Tuesday binge) I am going to give up all junk food until the end of Lent (April 17th).  During that time I am also going to go to the gym three times a week to follow a good work out plan.  I estimate that I will save €50 over this period by not buying junk food so I will commit this amount as a minimum to my favourite charity.  I will then donate €3 to the charity on top of this for every time break my junk food-free promise or every time I miss my gym session.

St Patrick’s Day is your one (stuff your face with chocolate & pizza) cheat day in the 40 day period.  By April 18th, you will have a fit body, strong mind and a happy soul after donating at least €50 to your favourite cause.

That or you will be fat, mildly content and poorer.

The Rules

  • You will donate a minimum of €50 to your favourite charity on April 17th which represents the money you would save by not buying junk food.
  • You will follow a fitness plan that suits you and that will help you achieve the goals you want.
  • You will donate an additional €3 to your charity for each time you break your fast or each time you miss a gym session.
  • You track your progress from start to finish.  Weigh yourself every Wednesday until the end so you can measure your progress.
  • Allowances to your gym timetable can be made if there is a serious injury or health condition but stick to the junk free plan.
  • You will stuff your face on St Patrick’s Day as was the Lent tradition in the McGuire household.

Please do tweet me at @mikemcguire_m if you are taking part.


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