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How long can you live without your phone?

February 21, 2014

How long can you live without your phone?

My phone is all but surgically attached to my hand.  My whole life is organised through my phone and as a result it is never far from me. I can do most of my work from my business apps and at the same time Twitter, Facebook and Reddit Pics (and currently Flappy Doge) waste hours of my down time.

That’s why this is such a challenge.

The Tap Project is one of my favorite UNICEF campaigns. Basically, on World Water Day in restaurants across America you are asked to donate $1 for the tap water you would usually enjoy for free.

This year they are building in an additional challenge. To raise awareness of how many children go without water every day and to raise money, UNICEF is asking if you could deny yourself something as simple as checking your phone.

Mobile visitors to can join the challenge by following a few simple instructions and disconnecting from the matrix putting your smartphone down. For every 10 minutes you leave your phone alone, the project’s sponsors will fund a day of clean water for needy kids worldwide.

It’s scheduled for release on March 1st but there is currently a Beta version available.  While your phone is down and being left alone (you can do this Mike – believe in yourself) the site fills your screen with statistics and information about the need for clean water and it also shows you silly tweets, texts and instagrams etc that you will have missed while your not using your phone.



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