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A ballsy fundraising campaign

August 1, 2013

Oh there are so many puns I could use in this post but I’m afraid I might make a balls out of it so I will refrain.

Oh wait…

SkyBalls is the brainchild (not a pun) of “Male Cancer Awareness Campaign” and Chris O’Dowd. The idea is that if they raise £100,000 they will have a Hot Air Balloon made in the shape of a pair of testicles which will raise awareness of testicular cancer.

Here is my copy and paste of 5 reasons we need SkyBalls (which I can’t help but sing to the tune of Adele’s Skyfall every time I read it – you’re welcome):

1. The death of young men to testicular cancer can be prevented.

2. Ignorance & embarrassment are just two reasons this cancer causes any more trouble than it needs to. The way we can stop this is through awareness & confrontation.

3. A massive flying ball-sack will be impossible to ignore. And hopefully chip away at the taboos still surrounding this nasty little cancer.

4. Our balloon will also have a lifespan & a cost efficiency that will outperform any other media initiative: It is reusable, easily transported globally and should last us at least 10 years.

5. It’s a massive pair of flying gonads!

I know some people are going to get offended by this but I think its worth it. The stigma attached to testicular cancer in young men needs to be broken down. Testicular cancer is completely curable IF you find it and get treatment early. If you don’t, it will spread up into your spine and then your brain and it becomes a high risk cancer.

In 2011 on my 30th birthday I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. I was very lucky that I found it early and I acted on it immediately. On July 20th just gone I celebrated my 2 year cancerversarry – something I would not have been able to do if I hadn’t had the balls (hehe) to go get it checked out.

Women freely discuss breast cancer and breast cancer charities have some of the most loyal and active fundraisers. The breast cancer pink ribbon represents strength, bravery and a network of people who are all fighting the same fight. Brave women like Angelina Jolie who recently had a double mastectomy show that it can touch anyone and that it should be tackled head on. Unfortunately the testicular cancer poster boy was Lance Armstrong who few can look up to now.

I’ve donated £10 to this campaign and I will be getting a “SkyBalls” mug in the post. I’d urge you to support it too. Its controversial but it will save young mens lives. While not as common as other cancers it is on the rise. Break down the barriers, get lads talking and save lives.

You can donate here. I hope you will be singing SkyBalls for the day.


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