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Ireland: The One Percent Difference Campaign

May 9, 2013

Ireland: The 1% Difference Campaign


In 2012 The Forum on Philanthropy and Fundraising set a target of increasing philanthropic giving in Ireland by ten percent each year from its current level of approximately €500m up to €800m in 2016. One of the Forums suggestions on how these targets could be achieved was to have a National Giving Campaign.

This National Giving Campaign has been highly anticipated by the Non Profit sector and today it seems to have arrived. Welcome to “One Percent Difference”. The idea of this campaign is that if everyone gives just 1%, in time or money, it would “more than double” the amount of giving in Ireland.

Advertising will direct donors to the website where they will be able to calculate what 1% means to them and if they could afford to give it away. The donor can then decide which cause they would like to support.

Charities can get involved by filling out an online submission. Their target is to have 5,000 charities registered by May 17th so if you want to get involved, check out their website.

On a personal note I hope it works but at the moment the website is a little lacking. I look forward to hearing more about it.


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